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I’m not usually one to gloat, but SUCK IT HIPPIES!

WI Protestor

Patton Kelly | 12.19.2016

Democrats are down 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats, 12 governorships, over 900 State legislature seats, and now, officially, 1 President. Hillary lost 4 electors.

America has voted overwhelmingly against socialism, whiny safe-space liberalism, and fiscal incompetence.

When Trump takes office in January, he will have, at his side, more conservative capacity than any president has had in nearly a century.

I’m not usually one to gloat, but SUCK IT HIPPIES!



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The Reset Generation

| 11.27.2015

It is funny watching lefties like Bill Maher withdraw and study their own dumbass creations. The Yale professor seemed stunned as he stood while being berated by a screechy, privileged monster.



It’s also dangerous.

Colleges already hang around the top of the list for mass-murdering psychopaths, largely thanks to their gun-free policies. Now, in creating humorously titled “safe zones,” they’ve not only obliterated free speech, but have also created a very unsafe (and I don’t mean offensive language) environment for police, journalists, and conservative-leaning students. Can we get some muscle over here!




What we have now is a more polished, and far more dangerous version of the entitled, Marxist, hipster movement of the 1960’s. I say more dangerous now for a few reasons:

1) Spoiled Brat Syndrome: Baby Boomers were coddled and overly protected by loving parents who lived through a world war that took 80 million lives; but my generation (millennials) have been grown to a level of entitled that must seem inconceivable to the generations before. Want to see violence? Take something away that people feel entitled to. It’s spoiled brat syndrome, and it doesn’t discriminate between rich, poor, religion, or skin color.




2) Taking Over: All of those Marxist flower children of the 60’s and 70’s (spawned in the baby boomer generation) have effectively infected our education system from preschool through grad school, along with every level of public office in the country. In doing this, they’ve not only managed to enrage a young, entitled class, but planted a socialist idea virus in their brains that is highly resistant to medicine (which would be the ability to listen to hostile opinions and think critically). Hostile opinions being those they may disagree with.




3) Complete ignorance = Complete confidence: It’s interesting how often those who know the least about a subject have the most confidence when arguing their point. Their inability to think critically means they simply tune out outside influence, or classify as hate speech and ban it all together.

Today there was an article in Breitbart about a teenage girl who was banned from her position as high school cheerleader for a tweet on illegal immigration. We’ve forfeited the right to determine, for ourselves, what insensitive speech is. What’s worse, in doing so, we’ve allowed our public schools and governments to punish those objecting the liberal narrative.


What can we do about it?

As far as colleges go, I believe at least some of the problem will remedy itself. Universities such as Yale are lowering their value with displays of such over-sensitivity and idiocy. Combined with already enormous tuition and the real physical danger posed to conservative-leaning freshmen, they’ll be forced to change. Donations will shrink and schools with fewer nutcases will benefit. That doesn’t mean that the problem won’t get worse before it gets better.

Above all, young people need to be taught to think critically about everything, but with discipline and respect. Maybe an increased exposure to the real world that democrats seem so desperate to shield them from. Confidence and mental toughness are borne through exposure to tough situations and leadership roles.

Today we are able to take so much for granted that rewards for hard work likely seem small to those of our grandparents. The ability to heat your home in the winter is a far greater reward than a new gaming console. When you’re working for more luxuries than necessities, there’s less incentive. Our ancestors sacrificed so much for our comfort today that, if only out of great respect, we should work just as hard for the next generation.


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A few hundred million Muslims say otherwise.

| 11.23.2015

Our incompetent Coward in Chief and his comrades continue to blame the media, conservatives, and the western white population for empowering ISIS. It couldn’t be that perhaps a few hundred million Muslims actually sympathize with extremist groups like ISIS. Perhaps it is time that EVERYONE should take that “small percentage” of “moderate” Muslims at their word.

You do not have to be anti-religion, anti-Muslim, pro-Christian or anything else. The only immediate resolve to Barbarians is to first acknowledge who they are and where they are (the military would call that situation awareness), then hunt them down and kill them.

The long term resolve is for western society to accept that our culture is superior to the rest of the world. It has nothing to do with skin color or religion. Our peace, our great technological achievements, and our sense of order are the direct result of societies created to place the individual first, not the majority, and not any religion.

Cowardice is not an option and never was. Only individuals can keep the peace. Government agencies, for all the good they do, are too slow and stupid to protect their populations from every conceivable strike. School shootings will not be ended with run-and-hide training, and you will not contain terrorist attacks with hashtags, coloring your Facebook profile, and drawing ridiculous Eiffel Tower peace signs. Take them at their word, and always be ready to respond to evil with immediate judgment and unrelenting firepower.


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